Octogonal Ladybird

Single Layer Pop Pup Tent


We have registered a few Octogonal Ladybird product designs.

This is an Octogonal Ladybird Tent made of an ecologic fabric (to be disclosed after the product is built).

The small tent size can be placed inside a bedroom, playroom, classroom or outside in a small family garden. Both small and large sizes can also be used outside in a beach or public garden.

The legs can be filled with sand. There will be a hole on each leg covered by a small piece of fabric with velcro to close it perfectly.

The ecologic groundsheet and the tent fabric are waterproof and machine washable. It can also come with Anti-UV 50+ sun protection if required.

The 2 windows are made of black mesh and can be covered by the black dots. There is also one version with 3 windows.

It also includes a zipped door. Once opened it should be fixed to the left and right side using strips.

The poles to erect the tent should be placed and fixed in the interior side of the tent not visible externally.


List of products to supply with the Tent

  • 8 pegs to fix the tent to the ground (made of steel, not plastic);
  • 4 poles to erect the tent (fiberglass) or 8 white PVC poles to attach in the middle round piece. These poles should be placed in the interior side of the tent (not visible externally);
  • Black groundsheet attached to the tent made of strong eco-material. The groundsheet can also be detachable.


Additional Order

  • Price: TBC
  • Material: To be built with a waterproof ecologic fabric and strong Fiberglass or PVC poles.
  • Size: 1.20m high x 1.75m x 1.75m (small) or 1.40m high x 2.22m x 2.22m (large)

Delivery Charges

Shipping to the UK is FREE, for other countries please contact us to fix the delivery charge.