Inflatable Ladybird

Inflatable Ladybird Playground Tent

This is our small Inflatable Tent version which is practical and beautiful! It can be placed in a standard size family garden or you can use it in your next camping holiday to entertain the children!

It is easily transportable and takes less than 3 minutes to inflate and 3 minutes to deflate. As an advantage to many other domes in the market, it comes with 3 layer Tarpaulin and black inner Nylon sheet. The first two layers are used to inflate the dome which reaches about 30cm wide once inflated. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use and the fabric is waterproof. We do not advise using the Dome in wind speeds over 20mph.

It comes with a Velcro zipped door at the rear. The eight windows could be completely transparent to let the light come in or completely dark when covered by the Velcro Black Dots that are applied over the clear transparent windows.


Additional Order

  • Price: £4,525.25 (5% off for multiple orders)
  • Material: 0.5mm Red and Black Tarpaulin with Black Nylon Inner
  • Size: 3.29m x 1.97m (external) and 2.99m x 1.67m (internal)
  • Only suitable for Children under Adult Supervision!


Common Note

Shipping to the UK is FREE, for other countries please contact us to fix the delivery charge.