Geodesic Ladybird

Geodesic Ladybird Tent


We have registered a few Geodesic Ladybird product designs. This is just one of the latest models that we are introducing due to its small size and portability.

This is a Geodesic tent made of an ecologic fabric (to be disclosed after the product is built).

It is a very small size that can easily go inside a bedroom, playroom or classroom.

It can also go outside once the ecologic groundsheet and the tent fabric are waterproof and machine washable.

It also includes a zipped door. Once opened it should be fixed to the left and right side using strips.


Additional Order

  • Price: TBC
  • Material: To be built with an ecologic fabric and ABS frame and Nylon connector
  • Size: 140cm diameter x 160cm high
  • Colours: Red or Yellow


List of Products to supply with the Tents

Package 1 includes the face decoration detachable items (eyes, eyelashes, mouth, nose and tongue) as well as the black line to be placed on top of the tent.

Package 2 (optional) includes the 6 legs of the tent.

Structure made of ABS frame and Nylon connector.

Black groundsheet attached to the tent made of strong eco-material and detachable by zip.


Delivery Charges

Shipping to the UK is FREE, for other countries please contact us to fix the delivery charge.