Inflatable Bee

Inflatable Bee Tent


The Inflatable Bee tent is a Heat Sealed tent that means once it is inflated the air pump is disconnected from the tent and the tent will remain inflated for a few days with the need to do some top ups of air from time to time. This is perfect for short camping holidays, for a few days use in a family garden, to introduce camping at the school, for children parties or for any other activity where you can enjoy it without any noise or constant electricity connection.

It comes with an inflatable head, two clear PVC windows which could be covered by Black Velcro.

One zipped door at rear (clear PVC or black PVC as per customer request) with ring ties on the left and right side to support each door to maintain it always open for children to easily get in and out. This is a 2 layer Tarpaulin tent. It does not come with the Black Nylon (3rd layer) in the interior of the tent.

It can be used as a playground tent as well as a camping tent.

As optional extras, it could come with two black lace curtains in both windows and two black lace curtains in the entrance doors as well as other extras that we will not disclose until a live launch.

Additional Order

  • Price: £3,299 (5% off for multiple orders)
  • Material: 0.6mm Yellow & Black Tarpaulin
  • Size: 5,00m length x 3,00m width x 2,40m tall (external) and 3,70m length  x 2,10m tall (internal)
  • Only suitable for Children under Adult Supervision!

Delivery Charges

Shipping to the UK is FREE, for other countries please contact us to fix the delivery charge.